SHAQUILLE O’NEAL Supper WITH BRITTANY RENNER … We’re Simply Companions!!!


Shaquille O'Neal hit up a L.A. problem area for supper on Tuesday … also, the NBA legend was joined by, in all honesty, web character Brittany Renner, yet we're informed it was just two companions making up for lost time.

TMZ Sports has learned … the 7'1″ Lobby of Famer and powerhouse appeared at the Beverly Slopes Lodging together not long after 6 PM … what's more, they seemed to appreciate each other's conversation as they shared a feast prior to leaving around 8 PM.

Sources let us know the two are NOT a thing – – they have been cool for quite a while and simply needed to reconnect.

Obviously, the huge man has been in the dating game since his separation from Shaunie was finished in 2011 … be that as it may, we're informed there was nothing heartfelt going on.

Renner has a youngster with Charlotte Hornets player PJ Washington … furthermore, has been vocal about her encounters with various competitors throughout the long term.

She broadly met with Deion Sanders' Jackson State football crew in 2021 … where she offered them life guidance on groupies.

FYI – – Shaunie is a leader maker for “Ball Spouses,” and we're informed Renner as of late endorsed on for the impending season … yet, our sources let us know cameras were NOT moving during the supper.

Renner was, nonetheless, spotted shooting scenes for the show recently.

The supper area is somewhat amusing, taking into account Shaq and Shaunie got hitched at the Beverly Slopes Inn in 2002.
Yet, you can put a fork in the dating bits of hearsay … because our sources are inflexible it was completely dispassionate.

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