Trinity Fatu’s Dear Fellowship Effortlessly Change Out Of WWE

Trinity Fatu, also known as Naomi, and Mercedes Varnado, also known as Sasha Banks, embarked on new journeys in their wrestling careers last year. They made the decision to explore opportunities outside of WWE after leaving the company in June 2022. Varnado took on dates with NJPW and STARDOM, while Fatu joined IMPACT Wrestling. Fortunately, they were not alone during this uncertain period. Fatu and Varnado relied on each other for support, which Trinity expresses was immensely helpful. In a conversation with Sherri Shepherd on the talk show “Sherri,” Trinity discussed her friendship with Varnado, who now performs under the name Mercedes MonĂ©, and how their bond eased the transition out of WWE.

Leaving one's comfort zone can be challenging, but having someone to confide in during difficult times is invaluable. Trinity considers Varnado her lifelong sister, and their relationship extends beyond wrestling. They have shared experiences in the business, both professionally and personally, including family matters. Finding such a special connection beyond the work in the wrestling industry is truly remarkable, and Trinity holds Varnado in high regard, referring to her as the greatest of all time.

As Trinity pursues the Knockouts Championship, Mercedes Moné is currently recovering from an injury sustained during her match at NJPW Resurgence.

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